Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A Seductive Speech

Apuleius, Metamorphoses 3.19 (tr. H.E. Butler):
For you with your bright eyes and rosy cheeks, your shining hair, your lips parted for a kiss, your perfumed bosom, have made me, who have ever despised the love of great ladies, your slave and bondsman, and I am content with my chains. Home has lost its charms for me, and I would not now return, for I set your embraces above all else in the world.

scio istud et plane sentio, cum semper alioquin spretorem matronalium amplexuum, sic tuis istis micantibus oculis et rubentibus bucculis et renidentibus crinibus et hiantibus osculis et flagrantibus papillis in servilem modum addictum atque mancipatum teneas volentem: iam denique nec larem requiro nec domuitionem paro et nocte ista nihil antepono.
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