Friday, January 15, 2016



An Attic skolion = Poetae Melici Graeci, no. 902 (tr. David A. Campbell):
Drink with me, be youthful with me, love with me, wear garlands with me,
be mad with me when I am mad, sober with me when I am sober.

σύν μοι πῖνε συνήβα συνέρα συστεφανηφόρει,
σύν μοι μαινομένῳ μαίνεο, σὺν σώφρονι σωφρόνει.
Commentators compare Theognis 313-314 (tr. Douglas E. Gerber):
Among those who rave I rave with the best, but among the level–headed
I am the most level–headed of all.

ἐν μὲν μαινομένοις μάλα μαίνομαι, ἐν δὲ δικαίοις
    πάντων ἀνθρώπων εἰμὶ δικαιότατος.
See Robert Renehan, "An Unnoticed Proverb in Theognis," Classical Review 13.2 (June, 1963) 131-132.

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