Tuesday, September 12, 2017



Euripides, fragment 795, lines 4-5 (my translation):
For whoever boasts that he is an expert concerning the gods
knows nothing more than to be persuasive when he speaks.

ὅστις γὰρ αὐχεῖ θεῶν ἐπίστασθαι πέρι,
οὐδέν τι μᾶλλον οἶδεν ἢ πείθειν λέγων.

5 ἢ πείθειν λέγων Musgrave: ἢ πείθει λέγων codd.: ἢ πείθειν λεών Hense: ἢ πείθειν ὄχλον F.G. Schmidt: ἢ ψεύδη λέγειν vel ἢ ψευδηγορεῖν Heimsoeth: ἢ ἀπατᾶν ὄχλον Wecklein: εἰ πείθει λέγων Munro
See Roger Goossens, "ΠΕΙΘΕΙΝ ΛΕΓΩΝ (Euripide, fr. 795 Nauck)," L'Antiquité Classique 7.2 (December, 1938) 215-216. I don't have access to Carl Werner Müller, ed., Euripides, Philoktet: Testimonien und Fragmente (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2000),where this is F 14.

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