Wednesday, November 11, 2020


To Endure the Lazy Stars

Martial, Epigrams. Edited and Translated by D.R. Shackleton Bailey, Vol. II (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1993 = Loeb Classical Library, 95), pp. 44-45 (6.58.1-4):
Cernere Parrhasios dum te iuvat, Aule, triones
   comminus et Getici sidera ferre poli,
o quam paene tibi Stygias ego raptus ad undas
   Elysiae vidi nubila fusca plagae!

58.2 ferre γ: pigra β

While it is your pleasure, Aulus,a to gaze at the Parrhasian Bears from close at hand and to endure the lazy stars of a Getic sky, how nearly was I reft from you to the waters of Styx and beheld the dim mists of the Elysian plain!

a Aulus Pudens was campaigning against the Dacians.
In line 2, Shackleton Bailey printed ferre in the Latin text but translated both manuscript variants, ferre and pigra. The error persists in the Digital Loeb Classical Library. He should have either printed ferre and translated "and to endure the stars," or printed pigra and translated "and the lazy stars."


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