Friday, October 29, 2021


Love and Fear

Ovid, Heroides 1.11-12 (tr. Grant Showerman):
When have I not feared dangers graver than the real?
Love is a thing ever filled with anxious fear.

quando ego non timui graviora pericula veris?
    res est solliciti plena timoris amor.
Alessandro Barchiesi on line 12:
Un concetto volutamente semplice, di buon senso quotidiano, cfr. Cic. Att. 1, 2, 24 non ignoro quam sit amor omnis sollicitus atque anxius. Anche res est ha un sapore idiomatico e colloquiale: molti esempi in Ovidio (cfr. Palmer ad l.; H.-Sz. 444 sg.; A. Traina, Lo stile «drammatico» del filosofo Seneca, Bologna 19874, 86 sg. n. 1). V. anche Ov. met. 7, 719 cuncta timemus amantes!; her. 6, 21 credula res amor est; Pont. 2, 7, 37 res timida est omnis miser; her. 18, 109 omnia sed vereor; quis enim securus amavit?
Id., 1.71-72:
But now, what I am to fear I know not—yet none the less I fear all things, distraught,
and wide is the field lies open for my cares.

quid timeam, ignoro—timeo tamen omnia demens,
    et patet in curas area lata meas.

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