Thursday, February 21, 2013


Confuting Old Errors and Begetting New Ones

Owen Felltham (1602?–1668), Resolves: Divine, Moral, Political, 8th ed. (London: Printed for Peter Dring, 1661), p. 53 (XXVII: Of curiosity in Knowledge):
We fill the world with cruel brawls, in the obstinate defence of that, whereof we might with more honour, confess our selves to be ignorant. One will tell us our Saviours disputations among the Doctors. Another, what became of Moses body. A third, in what place Paradise stood: and where is local Hell. Some will know Heaven as perfectly, as if they had been hurried about in every Sphear; and I think they may. Former Writers would have the Zones inhabitable; we find them by experience, temperate. Saint Augustine would by no means indure the Antipodes: we are now of nothing more certain. Every Age both confutes old Errors, and begets new. Yet still are we more intangled, and the further we go, the nearer we approach a Sun that blindes us.
where is local Hell: where Hell is located
inhabitable: not habitable

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