Saturday, September 14, 2013


Leisure versus Toil

Ovid, Epistulae Ex Ponto 1.4.21-22 (tr. Arthur Leslie Wheeler):
Leisure nourishes the body, the mind too feeds upon it, but excessive toil impairs both.

otia corpus alunt, animus quoque pascitur illis:
  inmodicus contra carpit utrumque labor.
See Renzo Tosi, Dictionnaire des sentences latines et grecques, tr. Rebecca Lenoir (Grenoble: Jérôme Millon, 2010), #1327, pp. 986-987.

Cf. Ovid, Epistulae Ex Ponto 1.5.5-6 (tr. Wheeler):
You see how inactivity spoils an idle body, how water acquires a taint unless it is in motion.

cernis ut ignavum corrumpant otia corpus,
  ut capiant vitium, ni moveantur, aquae.

Luke Fildes (1844-1927), Hours of Idleness

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