Saturday, May 03, 2014


Ad Lectorem

Joachim Du Bellay (1522-1560), "To the Reader," at the beginning of Les Regrets (tr. Richard Helgerson):
This little book, Reader, that we give you now has at once the taste of gall and honey mixed with salt. If it pleases your palate, come as a guest. If not, please go away. I did not mean to invite you to the feast.
The Latin ("Ad Lectorem"):
Quem, lector, tibi nunc damus libellum,
Hic fellisque simul, simulque mellis,
Permixtumque salis refert saporem.
Si gratum quid erit tuo palato,
Huc conviva veni: tibi haec parata est
Coena. Sin minus, hinc facesse, quaeso:
Ad hanc te volui haud vocare coenam.
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