Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Rare Words

In Liddell-Scott-Jones (LSJ) there is no entry for the adjective ἀπρόσπταιστος, which occurs in Pseudo-Hippocrates, Letters 17.41, modifying κέλευθος (road, path). See Rudolf Hercher, ed., Epistolographi Graeci (Paris: Didot, 1873), p. 303. However, in LSJ there is an entry for ἀσκανδάλιστος, defined as "gloss on ἀπρόσκοπος and ἀπρόσπταιστος, Hsch." So ἀπρόσπταιστος occurs in both Pseudo-Hippocrates and Hesychius. The word is formed from alpha privative (not) plus πρός (against) plus πταίω (cause to stumble or fall), and therefore means "not causing one to stumble against" something.

In chapter 39 of the same letter by Pseudo-Hippocrates, the noun φιλοψευδία (love of falsehood) occurs. The only citation for φιλοψευδία in LSJ is "Hp. Ep.17," or, to be more exact, 17.39. If φιλοψευδία merits an entry in LSJ, the same courtesy should be extended to ἀπρόσπταιστος.


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