Friday, March 04, 2016


A Riddle

T.V.F Brogan and R. Mignani, "Correlative Verse," in The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, 4th ed. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012), p. 307:
An *epigram in the *Greek Anthology (3.241) provides an example: "You [wine, are] boldness, youth, strength, wealth, country / To the shy, the old, the weak, the poor, the foreigner."
There are only 19 poems in the 3rd book of the Greek Anthology, so "3.241" must be incorrect. I can't find any such epigram.

Update: Answer to riddle here. Instead of "Greek Anthology" Brogan and Mignani should have written "Cougny's Appendix to the Greek Anthology."

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