Sunday, July 03, 2016


A Fate Worse Than Death

Euripides, Medea 645-653 (tr. David Kovacs):
O fatherland, O house, may I never
be bereft of my city,
never have a life of helplessness,
a cruel life,
most pitiable of woes!
In death, O in death may I be brought low ere that,        650
bringing my life's daylight to an end!
Of troubles none is greater than
to be robbed of one's native land.

ὦ πατρίς, ὦ δώματα, μὴ
δῆτ᾿ ἄπολις γενοίμαν
τὸν ἀμηχανίας ἔχουσα
δυσπέρατον αἰῶ,
οἰκτρότατόν <γ᾿> ἀχέων.
θανάτῳ θανάτῳ πάρος δαμείην        650
ἁμέραν τάνδ᾿ ἐξανύσασα· μό-
χθων δ᾿ οὐκ ἄλλος ὕπερθεν ἢ
γᾶς πατρίας στέρεσθαι.

648 αἰῶ Stinton: αἰῶν᾿ C

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