Tuesday, July 05, 2016


The Hour of Our Death

Pindar, Olympian Odes 2.30-34 (tr. John Sandys):
Verily, for mortal men at least, the time when their life will end in the bourne of death is not clearly marked; no, nor the time when we shall bring a calm day, the Sun's own child, to its close amid happiness that is unimpaired. But diverse are the currents that at divers times come upon men, either with joys or with toils.

    ἤτοι βροτῶν γε κέκριται
πεῖρας οὔ τι θανάτου,
οὐδ᾿ ἡσύχιμον ἁμέραν ὁπότε παῖδ᾿ ἀελίου
ἀτειρεῖ σὺν ἀγαθῷ τελευτάσομεν·
    ῥοαὶ δ᾿ ἄλλοτ᾿ ἄλλαι
εὐθυμιᾶν τε μέτα καὶ πόνων ἐς ἄνδρας ἔβαν.
Boeckh's Latin translation:
Profecto mortalium quidem fati nequaquam terminus apertus est, nec tranquillam quando diem, solis filiam, illibata cum felicitate obituri simus: undaeque alias aliae gaudiorum laborumque in homines incurrere solent.
M.M. Willcock ad loc.:

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