Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Rule Number One

Mary Beard, "The Latin Right," A Don's Life (March 31, 2017):
Rule number one is always, don't quote Latin if you don't know it!
A corollary:
Don't use Google Translate to translate English into Latin. The result is almost always ungrammatical nonsense.

Dear Mike,

More Latinoid expressions emanating from the ever-failing Googoracle:

"Locus in domos" and "loci populum" is what the Googoracle will shortchange you with when you feed in "place of homes" and "local people". If this catches on, we may have another proto-Romance language on our hands.

'Abite!' would have saved a bit of paint, and is after all what the Britunculi would have told their Roman invaders; or perhaps 'hic est locus damnatorum', which would make it scarier for the home-owners.

Best wishes,
Eric [Thomson]

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