Thursday, November 02, 2017


Classical Bowdlerization

The Scriptores Historiae Augustae, with an English Translation by David Magie, Vol. II (1924; rpt. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1980 = Loeb Classical Library, 140), pp. 116-117 (Life of Antoninus Heliogabalus 6.5; footnotes omitted):
Hieroclem vero sic amavit ut eidem inguina oscularetur, quod dictum etiam inverecundum est, Floralia sacra se adserens celebrare.

And such was his passion for Hierocles that he kissed him in a place which it is indecent even to mention, declaring that he was celebrating the festival of Flora.
The Latin does mention the place (inguina), but the translation omits it. I don't see the Historia Augusta or Magie listed in the index of Stephen Harrison and Christopher Stray, edd., Expurgating the Classics: Editing Out in Greek and Latin (London: Bristol Classical Press, 2012).

In the same Loeb Classical Library volume, for beaste read beasts (p. 147) and for Richis read Rich is (p. 293). Both typographical errors (as well as the omission discussed above) persist in the Digital Loeb Classical Library.

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