Thursday, November 09, 2017


Reading in Bed

Robert Browning, "Byzantine Scholarship," Past & Present 28 (July, 1964) 3-20 (at 14):
So far as I know, the first reference to that besetting vice of the literate, reading in bed, occurs in an unpublished letter from the latter part of the [12th] century.21

21 Manuel Karantenos, letter to Constantine Kaloethes, Head of Patriarchal School and later Metropolitan of Madytus, in Vienna MS. phil. gr. 321, fol. 224.
Perhaps published by U. Criscuolo, "Due epistole inedite di Manuele Karenteno o Sarenteno," Bollettino della Badia Greca di Grottaferrata 31 (1977) 103-119 (non vidi).

Eddie and Ruth Frow, reading in bed

Eric Thomson (to whom I owe the picture): "Where else to find the supine of lego than in lecto?"

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