Thursday, November 09, 2017


Some Imaginary Books

Piers Brown, "'Hac ex consilio meo via progredieris': Courtly Reading and Secretarial Mediation in Donne's The Courtier's Library," Renaissance Quarterly 61 (2008) 833-866 (from the text and translation on pp. 858-863):
18. Bonaventura, On Removing the Word Not from the Ten Commandments, and adding it to the Apostles' Creed.

21. The Judges' Handbook, containing the many confessions of poisoners given to Justice Manwood, and used by him afterwards in wiping his buttocks, and in examining his evacuations; now recovered from his servants, and gathered together for his own use, by John Hele.

23. Cardano, On the nothingness of a fart.

18. Bonaventura de particula Non a decalogo adimenda, et Symbolo Apostolorum adiicienda.

21. Manuale justiciariorum, continens plurimas confessiones veneficarum Manwoodo judici exhibitas, et ab illo abstergendis postea natibus, et evacuationibus adhibitas; nunc a servulis suis redemptae, et in usum suum collectae sunt a Io. Helo.

23. Cardanus de nullibietate crepitus.
Hat tip: Ian Jackson, who drew my attention to Maev Kennedy, "Scurrilous manuscript that could have undone John Donne discovered," The Guardian (November 3, 2017).


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