Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The Rich and the Poor

Anonymous, On Riches 12.2 (my translation):
Get rid of the rich man and you won't find a poor man. Let no one possess more than is necessary, and everyone will have as much as is necessary. For the few rich men are the cause of the many poor men.

Tolle divitem et pauperem non invenies. Nemo plus, quam necessarium est, possideat, et, quantum necessarium est, omnes habebunt. Pauci enim divites pauperum sunt causa multorum.
The Latin text of the Pelagian treatise De Divitiis can be found in C.P. Caspari, ed., Briefe, Abhandlungen und Predigten aus den zwei letzten Jahrhunderten des kirchlichen Alterthums und dem Anfang des Mittelalters (Christiana: Mallingsche Buchdruckerei, 1890), pp. 25-67 (this passage on p. 48). The following are unavailable to me:
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