Thursday, September 08, 2011


The English Class System

Eduardo Villaseñor (1896-1978), The English, Are They Human? (Mexico: Anglomexican Institute, 1953), pp. 9-10:
Their classes, in my opinion, are the following:

1. The King and the Queen,
2. The Royal family,
3. The nobility,
4. The Prime Minister,
5. The Lords,
6. The Members of Parliament,
7. Shakespeare,
8.‎ The Palace Guards,
9. The tailors,
10. The comedians and movie stars,
11. The other poets and writers,
12. The policemen,
13. The doctors,
14. The maitres d'hotel,
15. After the maitres d'hotel, all native Englishmen in general,
16. After the Englishmen, Scots, Welshmen, Irish and other natives of the British Isles,
17. After all natives, dogs,
18. After dogs, cats,
19. After animals, Commonwealth subjects,
20. After Commonwealth subjects, other foreigners, but in the following order:
1. Scandinavian and German,
2. American,
3. French,
4. Russian and Central European,
5. Oriental (Chinese, Indian, etc.),
6. African and Japanese, Zulus, and other queer tribes,
7. The Argentines, then all other South Americans, including, against all geography, Mexicans and Central Americans.
Hat tip: Ian Jackson.

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