Thursday, November 22, 2018


Construing Vergil

Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966), Scoop, Book I, Chapter 1:
Josephine, the eight-year-old Stitch prodigy, sat on the foot of the bed construing her day's passage of Virgil.


"Floribus Austrum," Josephine chanted, "perditus et liquidis immisi fontibus apros; having been lost with flowers in the South and sent into the liquid fountains; apros is wild boars but I couldn't quite make sense of that bit."
Vergil, Eclogues 2.58-59 (tr. H. Rushton Fairclough):
Alas, alas! what hope, poor fool, has been mine? Madman, I have let in the south wind to my flowers, and boars to my crystal springs!

heu heu, quid volui misero mihi? floribus Austrum
perditus et liquidis immisi fontibus apros.
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