Thursday, July 25, 2019


Some Hexameters in Heiric of Auxerre's Life of St. Germanus

In Heiric of Auxerre, Vita Sancti Germani, ed. Ludwig Traube, Poetae Latini Aevi Carolini, Tomus III = Monumenta Germaniae Historica. Poetarum Latinorum Medii Aevi Tomus III (Berlin: Weidmann, 1896), pp. 428-517, I find some examples of hexameter lines consisting entirely of words of the same kind in asyndeton.

I.117 (nouns, p. 442):
Sceptra, magistratus, tituli, praetoria, sellae
V.7 (adjectives, p. 489):
Torva ferox ventosa procax incauta rebellis
VI.313 (adjectives, p. 509):
Triste minax querulum lacrimabile prodigiosum
For similar hexameter lines in Greek and Latin see:

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